Transforming Your Business Plans with Affiliate Marketing Money Strategies

 It’s often said that affiliate marketing money is some of the easiest money to be made and in many ways, that’s true.  Think about it this way: you already have an eBook, videos, or software that caters to a market that’s spending money online already.  A well written sales letter actually gives you all of the inspiration you need to write up your own ads – even if there isn’t a well developed affiliate program.

For example, you can write up a hot report to give away as a freebie to encourage consumers to sign up to your autoresponder list.  How do you come up with the topic and subtopics for this free eBook?

Choose something that complements the original product nicely. For instance, if it’s a diet nutritional eBook, then a short report on exercise would work well, and you can hyperlink to the diet guide inside the free report.

Learn your niche’s problems.  Find out what issues they’re having by paying attention to the biggest questions that keep cropping up on the discussion boards.  Make sure to answer those questions in your short report and lead them to buy the main report as the source for answers in that niche.

Affiliate marketing money doesn’t grow on trees, but it comes awfully close. As long as you have the perfect combination of a well written product, a strong sales letter, and tools to drive targeted traffic to your site, you’ll be able to set your income on autopilot in a short amount of time.


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